Nika Lilek & Nastia Cheshun

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“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours the flowers, so does art colour life.”
– John Lubbock

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Nika Lilek & Nastia Cheshun

Nika Lilek

Born in 1990 in Slovenia. Her first dance steps were made in MoDus, the dance studio owned by her mother Snježana Lilek. Completed her secondary education at the School of Classical Ballet in Zagreb in 2007. Participated in the Ailey School Summer Dance Intensive in 2009, and has since taken part in many workshops and dance courses throughout Croatia and Europe.

Became a member of the Zagreb Dance Company led by Snježana Abramović, and later by Petra Glad, in 2014. Joined the National Ballet Theater in Rijeka, Croatia, led by Maša Kolar, in 2017.

Joined KCDC in September 2019.


Anastasia Cheshun

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. Studied at the Arabesque Academy of Dancing in Moscow from 2000-2003. Studied at the Department of Dance of the Academic Music College in Moscow from 2003-2008.

Danced in the Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company led by Artistic Director Dennis Boroditsky from 2008-2012.

Joined KCDC in September 2015.

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Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Artistic Director
Rami Be’er
Choreographers and Performers
Nika Lilek & Nastia Cheshun
Emil Bader
Omer Ben-David
INSIDERS Creative & Project Director
Nadav Gal
Director of Photography
Omri Barzilai
INSIDERS Concept Creator
Léa Bessoudo-Greck
INSIDERS Creative Team
Nadav Gal, Léa Bessoudo-Greck, Dylan Tedaldi, May Asor, Galit Lifshits Melamed
Technical Director
Diego Aharon Fernandes
Alon Shazar
Stage Technicians
Vadim Nevencheni, Massimo Moiseev
Camera Assistant
Eyas Arraf
Music Editor
Michal Vach
Video Editor
Emil Bader, Nadav Gal
“Carnival of the Animals” - The Swan by Yo-Yo Ma, “Que Sera Sera” by Pink Martini
Still Photography
Eyal Hirsh


Big thanks to all the people that helped us with the baloons: Theo, Michal, Megan, Ilya, Nadav, Nick, Luigi, Omer, Nitzan and Keshet.

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