Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

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Feet dragging, daydreaming, pulling me
Into this place
This is not my home
It’s your palace


Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

Megan Doheny

Born in the United States in 1991. Began her dance training in Orange County, California. Graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts having won the Director’s Award. Received an Honorable Mention scholarship from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts in 2010. Graduated from the Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester in NYC. Studied towards a BFA in dance at the Alvin Ailey School at Fordham University, and at Chapman University.

Participated in KCDC’s Dance Journey international dance study program in September 2014. Joined KCDC’s main company as an apprentice in September 2015 and as a dancer in February 2016.


Ilya Nikurov

Born in 1982 in Kemerovo, Russia. Started ballroom dance at the age of seven. Studied in multiple dance schools including the Style Dance School and Second Parallel. Awarded by the Russian Ministry of Education for a solo performance in 2005. Danced with the folk dance company Siberian Kaleidoscope from 2004-2008. Was a principal dancer with the Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company (BDDC) from 2009-2011. Danced in the piece “Kamera”, choreographed by Ann Van den Broek, in 2012. Performed in the musical theatre show “Hooligan. Confession” from 2011-2014. Danced with the Great Moscow Circus from 2009-2014.

Joined KCDC in September 2014.

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Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Artistic Director
Rami Be’er
Choreographers and Performers
Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov
Emil Bader
Omer Ben-David
INSIDERS Creative & Project Director
Nadav Gal
Director of Photography
Omri Barzilai
INSIDERS Concept Creator
Léa Bessoudo-Greck
INSIDERS Creative Team
Nadav Gal, Léa Bessoudo-Greck, Dylan Tedaldi, May Asor, Galit Lifshits Melamed
Technical Director
Diego Aharon Fernandes
Alon Shazar
Stage Technicians
Vadim Nevencheni, Massimo Moiseev
Camera Assistant
Eyas Arraf
Original Music & Editing
Dylan Tedaldi
Video Editor
Gosha Demin
Still Photography
Eyal Hirsh
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